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Tools and essentials

Tools and essentials

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Colour lock Grout

£. 10 / Tiles
Height:3     Height:3
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Dependable Flooring & Paving Services From Last 10 Years!

We give your Home & Office floor the perfect look you always want & make it Brand New!

we are a UK online tile retailer who operate and maintain the site register in England and wales under the company number 10231399.

  • Quality of tiles
  • Price/Value for money

we only purchase high quality tiles which go through quality assurance check to ensure they are of the highest quality and standard.

we are much more reasonable than high street tile retailer because we purchase our tiles from factories all over the world, which makes us easier to cut the middleman sources and able to make luxury things affordable.

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  • From Start to Finish Under Experienced Supervision
  • Hard Surface Floor Protection
  • Washing of Floors before and After Work
  • Creative and Latest Sample Designs for Our Customers
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